Supply of industrial dryers and dryer dome.

Drying is amongst the very important process in almost all industrial and agricultural processes. At KC Holding, we supply modern industrial dryers and solar powered dryer dome that uses the latest technology. Our industrial dryers can be used for various types of raw materials which contain moisture, such as Coffee Beans, Wood Chips, Straw, Groundnut Shells etc. Our dryers are widely used for reducing moisture from any type of material. Dryers supplied by KC Holding are efficient, effective and controllable with quick and controlled response time for removing of water/moisture. At KC Holding, we are having huge range of industrial dryers that can suit to various critical application across industries such are chemical, pharmaceutical, food, Oil & Gases, wood, paper production, ceramics and many more.

We supply solar-powered Dryer dome, which is an energy saving method of drying food material. In order to ensure international quality standards, our dryer dome uses graded components and latest technological advancement. Solar powered dryer dome is a very useful device for Agriculture (crop drying) and Food processing industries for dehydration of fruits, potatoes, onions, Dairy industries for production of milk powder etc.