Vessel hiring

At KC Holding Ltd, we have different types of vessels to satisfy our various clients’ needs.  These vessels can transport fuel, water, drilling fluids and different types of materials. With a commitment to meeting the needs of our esteemed customers in the ever-changing offshore environment, our aim is to provide our customers with Vessels of the highest quality, whilst maintaining top industry standards across all aspects of our deliverables, allowing our customers to be assured in our ability, experience and expertise. We have a fleet of carefully selected, high quality vessels which are primarily designed to operate under harsh conditions as always required by our esteemed clients. All our vessels have meet high levels of compliance and regulatory standards.  We have earned a reputation for consistent performance, safe operations and a dedication to exceptional service.

Bulk supply of AGO (Diesel)

We specialized in the distribution and supply of high quality AGO (Diesel) in bulk across Nigeria and all West Africa countries. As with buying anything in bulk, when you are buying AGO in bulk from us, you can so easily be saving on the amount of money that you would normally be paying out for the diesel. By buying in bulk from us, you can not only be cutting down your cost, but you can also be saving the money of those who are buying their diesel from you. We are skilled at delivering high quality AGO to your company in no time. Our supplies are at wholesale diesel prices, making sure that you get high return on your investment. Our AGO are well refined with Improved chemistry that enables better combustion and controls exhaust emissions and is suitable for use by all high-speed compression ignition engines found in commercial vehicles, heavy equipment, stationary and locomotive engines.